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Take complete control of your online retail offering with a white label marketplace solution.

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Your Enterprise Marketplace Solution

Turn your online platform into a B2B, B2C, or C2C curated or endless aisle marketplace. We utilize our custom built full stack plug-in to eliminate your need for years of internal development. Our application can be customized for your unique business model, whether a retailer, a brand, a financial institution or loyalty points redemption — the possibilities are endless. Grow assortment, profits, and customer lifetime value.

We are not only a SaaS company, we were founded as a marketplace business and we've built the infrastructure to handle the challenges of a true marketplace

The PFTech Turnkey & Customizable Marketplace excels in the three pillars of marketplace success:

Immersive Consumer Gateway

Provide a customized consumer experience with merchandising that is specific to your brand.

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Comprehensive Vendor Portal

Offer Vendors/Merchants best-in-class features with an intuitive design and detailed insights.

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Marketplace Administration

Access comprehensive administrative features that offer complete marketplace control and oversight.

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Consumer Immersion

Provide a customized experience with powerful merchandising that is specific to your brand.

  • Responsive Design

    Adaptive and responsive design paradigms provide your users with an equally beautiful presentation on all devices. Read more

  • Best-In-Class Search

    Powerful search technologies allow for swift capturing of search intent across various product attributes including color, size, and many more. Read more

  • Product Detail Pages

    Product pages are optimized for capturing your user's attention with beautiful imagery, intuitive UI, and clear calls to action. Read more

  • Social Signup

    Provide your users with sign-on through Facebook and offer the benefit of frictionless authentication, while also exposing the user's social graph. Read more

  • Guest Checkout

    Eliminate the need to create an account before completing the transaction and enable a smooth checkout that establishes a profile in the process. Read more

  • Consumer Dashboard

    Offer your customers intuitive dashboards to follow their transactions, save items for later, share with others, and communicate with vendors/merchants. Read more

PFTech provides a wide array of marketplace tools.

Comprehensive Vendor Portal

Vendors/Merchants on your marketplace enjoy a powerful collection of tools to efficiently run their operations on your marketplace and integrate with their existing supply chain.

  • Efficient Onboarding

    Vendor/Merchant sign-up is straightforward, fast, and funneled through a step-by-step process. Most accounts can be configured within 20 minutes or less. Read more

  • Product Ingestion

    Your vendors/merchants can integrate their inventory with comprehensive listing tools or through third-party integrations, e.g. ChannelAdvisor. Read more

  • Order Management

    All orders are trackable and actionable at the vendor/merchant level. Order exports and third-party integrations meld seamlessly with existing processes. Read more

  • Promotional Management

    Your business and your Vendors/Merchants can create, manage, and distribute coupons and deals with ease. Read more

  • Customer Management

    Let your vendors/merchants communicate directly with their customers. Reply-by-email allows intuitive integration with existing CRM systems. Read more

  • Vendor Dashboard

    Sales performance, reviews, and inventory processing statistics are available in an intuitive vendor/merchant dashboard. Read more

Offer sales, order, customer management and tracking tools for vendors/merchants

Complete Marketplace Administration

Equip your business with a powerful administrative portal to control the entire marketplace operation. Streamline key processes, track KPIs, and share information with stakeholders.

  • Vendor/Merchant Management

    Access robust and scalable vendor/merchant onboarding capabilities. Read more

  • Product Management

    Actively and effectively manage your marketplace catalog with precision. Read more

  • Product Data Exporter

    Freely export and schedule channel specific product feeds for any purpose. Read more

  • Marketing Syndication

    Configure, schedule and syndicate to over 20 marketing and distribution networks. Read more

  • Merchandising Publisher

    Swiftly customize the consumer experience with drag and drop merchandising features. Read more

  • Order Management

    Access comprehensive order management systems with intuitive and flexible dashboards. Read more

  • Customer Management

    Actively manage, communicate, and export data with effective and robust technology. Read more

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Maintain up-to-date and detailed insights and reporting with real-time internal analytics. Read more

Track metrics accross your entire marketplace.

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