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Enhance management and onboarding capabilities with a powerful suite of customizable tools that efficiently integrates new vendors and enables compatibility with their existing supply chain.

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Enjoy a powerful suite of tools to efficiently expand your capacity to add new vendors/merchants and to integrate and manage their catalogs.

Efficient Onboarding

Vendor/Merchant sign-up is straightforward, fast, and funneled through a step-by-step process. Most accounts can be configured within 20 minutes or less.

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Product Ingestion

Your vendors/merchants can integrate their inventory with comprehensive listing tools or through third-party integrations, e.g. ChannelAdvisor.

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Order Management

All orders are trackable and actionable at the vendor/merchant level. Order exports and third-party integrations meld seamlessly with existing processes.

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Promotional Management

Your business and your Vendors/Merchants can create, manage, and distribute coupons and deals with ease.

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Customer Management

Let your vendors/merchants communicate directly with their customers. Reply-by-email allows intuitive integration with existing CRM systems.

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Vendor Dashboard

Sales performance, reviews, and inventory processing statistics are available in an intuitive vendor/merchant dashboard.

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Vendor/Merchant Onboarding

Populate your marketplace with vendors/merchants using an efficient onboarding and integration process. Your vendors/merchants will enjoy the ease of integration and configurability of their storefronts.

  • Account Signup

    Users reserve vendor/merchant name, upload branding, and showcase badges from reviews and certification providers.

  • Payment Gateway

    PFTech allows vendors/merchants to offer one-click integrations with PayPal and Authorize.Net.

  • Sales Tax Configuration

    Vendors/Merchants set applicable tax policies in one or multiple applicable states.

  • Shipping & Returns

    Shipping and returns policies are set at the vendor/merchant level and can be modified as needed.

Populate your marketplace with vendors/merchants using an efficient onboarding and integration process.

Product Ingestion Tools

The PFTech single item listing technology gives businesses and vendors/merchants fine control over how their product data is displayed on your marketplace. Additional integrations with ChannelAdvisor, Vendor/MerchantCloud, Channel Sale, GoDatafeed and more.

  • Automatic Updates

    Ingest data via flat file txt, csv, tsv, zip, or gzip. Accepts data in any column format. Data feeds can be scheduled via FTP or HTTP, or uploaded manually.

  • Parallel Updates

    Allow your vendor/merchants to integrate multiple suppliers on your marketplace by running multiple datafeed schedules in parallel within a single vendor/merchant account.

  • Facet Extraction/Normalization

    Key product attributes from title and description data are automatically extracted as part of the listing process. These facets provide a seamless shopping experience.

  • Data Field Concatenation

    Data feed columns can be combined to better integrate vendor/merchant data with your marketplace. Set default values for fields, e.g. Brand, Condition, Listing Duration.

  • Category Syntax Agnostic Mapping

    Allow your vendors/merchants to integrate their taxonomy with ease. Upload category mappings, use a supported channel or default all listings to a single category.

  • Filtering/Replacement Rules

    Create and manage product data filters to enhance and standardize listings. Provide fine control of listing information for a seamless buying experience.

Ingest data via flat file txt, csv, tsv, zip, or gzip.

Order Management

Provide your vendors/merchants with a complete order management solution within your marketplace. Vendors/Merchants can also integrate with additional third-party order management systems with ease.

  • Order Overview

    Process new orders on the fly and review past orders. All order data is provided to your vendors/merchants in real time and is easily exportable.

  • Shipment Confirmation & Tracking

    Your vendors/merchants can swiftly confirm shipment on their orders while providing accurate tracking information to customers.

  • Refunds & Exchanges

    Provides your vendors/merchants with an intuitive gateway to issue customers refunds and process returns and exchanges.

  • Integration

    Integrate with third-party systems such as ChannelAdvisor, ShipRush, ChannelSale, Teaplix, ShipWorks, Zentail and more.

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Customer Management

Customers are the bread and butter of any online retail operation. PFTech provides the right tools to help vendors/merchants keep their customers coming back.

  • Customer & Vendor/Merchant Transparency

    Your marketplace is preconfigured to make it easy for customers to reach vendor/merchant staff, and vice versa, by making contact information readily available to both parties.

  • Vendor/Merchant & Product Reviews

    Customers can leave reviews on products and on the vendors/merchants who sell them.

  • Messaging

    Messages between the buyer and the vendor/merchant are routed through your messaging system and can be conducted via email. This allows easy integration with existing CRM systems that vendors/merchants may have, and is the most intuitive for the buyer.

Customers are the bread and butter of any online retail operation.

Promotional Management

Vendors/Merchants can create and manage their own coupons and promotions to drive additional traffic and revenue to their inventory.

  • Coupon Management

    Create and manage coupons for some or all offerings. Limit usage by category, order value, and more.

  • Customer Data

    The default marketplace policy is to share as much customer information with each vendor/merchant as possible, allowing them to market directly to their buyers.

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Vendors/Merchants get a bird's eye view of their entire account in one convenient location.

  • Onboarding Status

    Vendor/Merchants see a progress-bar with sign-up steps remaining.

  • Order Summary

    View recent sales and returns data. Download order reports with ease.

  • Inbox

    Check for new messages, order updates and return requests at a glance.

  • Feedback

    Review and manage feedback for buyer purchases and experience.

  • Review Account Alerts

    Vendor/Merchants know right away when account issues arise.

  • Vendor/Merchant Performance

    Easily view late shipments, support response time, and cancellation rates.

  • Sales & Invoice History

    Vendors/Merchants can keep a close eye on money in and money out.

  • Product Catalog Overview

    View and manage active and closed listings swiftly and effectively.

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